everything on this reel was designed & built on stage 

nothing was shot on location 

FRESHLY PICKED - Commercial - 

This is a miniatures set that was built, with a custom motorized turntable.

FRESHLY PICKED - Commercial 

This is a miniature set we built. Very simple, very elegant.

RED MENACE  - Feature Film Trailer- Everything in this film was art directed and built, we created an entire world on screen. Nothing was shot on location. We designed and built I think 30 sets in total. 

THE VISITANT  - Short Film-

I designed everything and we built the world from scratch. Nothing here is shot on location.

TONY LUCCA - Music Video -

In order to create the "gag" for this video, we had to build this room from the ground up. The final reveal is at the end of the video.  -- NOTE , NO GGi or wire removal was used in this video --  it's all in camera. 

CHRYSLER - Commercial -

We had to shoot this in a warehouse, so we had to build the white around the car to give it a beautiful wrap around light, to show off the curves and lines of the sheetmetal.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA