This music video was used to raise awareness for the Homelessness epidemic of US Veterans.

It has over 230M views 

This entire Music Video was shot on Greenscreen with the band and the actors. In fact the male actor was doubled to make two of him. It was all later converted into Animation.

Greenscreen was used to help shoot dozens of VFX shots in this video. We added fire, smoke, holograms and replaced backgrounds.

This music video was used to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention, and Cyberbullying. It has over 40M views 

Greenscreen was used to help us stabilize the VFX of the tattoos growing over the woman's body.

We shot the actor against Greenscreen and later composited him into the scene with the Cgi SUV along with real parts of the SUV that were shot on Greenscreen.

I shot the actors inside a Ford Mustang on a Greenscreen stage in Dubai. We then composited them with the background that was shot in Los Angeles.The Mustang is also a tracked Cgi VFX element.

©2018 by Nick Peterson

Los Angeles, CA, USA