Nick Peterson  grew up watching MTV, Sci-Fi films, anime from Blockbuster Video, and playing video games.  He graduated from the Experimental Animation program at CALARTS, and after many years producing awesome visual effects he transitioned into full time writing and directing.


Nick's films have been screened in festivals such as SUNDANCE, and SXSW. His award winning music videos have garnered over 300 hundred million views. Nick is also the Co-Founder of Joker Greeting Card


He currently lives in Los Angeles, but hopes to live in a castle with a moat someday.

Below are some random videos he found of himself on the internet.

here's a super 8 movie 

nick shot when he was 17

of him and his friends climbing

king fisher near moab, Utah

this is nick's high school

punk rock band "prostate farm"

they only played twice.

then the band broke up.

this is nick at angels stadium

hitting baseballs...

he doesn't normally hit baseballs

so this is pretty rare footage

nick likes to drive RZRs

through the desert too!